Help children in need. Become a hero.


by Baby Ape Boat Club Community

We don´t want Baby Ape NFTs to be bought just because of their cute faces. We said ít in the past and we still stand by it up until this date. Ten special Baby Apes have been released for auctions with one main purpose - to raise one million dollars for Children in need all around the world. Our Baby Apes have great lifes. They are living and chilling in wallets owned by the ones who love them. Not every baby is that lucky. All around the world, there is a number of less fortunate babies and children in need. Children we should help and care about. Children with cancer, leukemia or without any families.
So we´ve got an idea. Let´s help them! Let´s do it through NFTs. Let´s show the world what the power of NFTs can do outside outside of the digital worls. Let´s make sure that these children have wonderful Chistmas!

What is the plan about? We have already released ten very special Baby Ape NFTs. Only ten "hero" Baby Apes in the world will be ever created. Money raised from these ten auctions + 10% royalty fees will be sent to a charity organization chosen by the community in December. Our goal is to raise one million dollars. On the 16th of December, we will send all proceeds we raised through Ethereum network. So, how do they look? All of them have a special t-shirts with the charity icon and one special rare item. These rare items were made for these ten Baby Apes only and you won´t be able to find them anywhere else. What are these items, you may ask?

  • All of them have a special t-shirt with a heart icon on the left side.
  • Two of them have a special hat with a text saying "I am a hero!".
  • Three of them have a necklace with a heart shaped design.
  • Five of them have a red halo above their heads.
  • How much money would we like to raise? Our goal is to raise 1,000,000$ in ETH. We know that it is possible to achieve this target. There is too many good and willing people in the world. Those who don´t have available funds to support this cause by financial means will help us with sharing this charity event on social media. This goal is achievable and we will try our best to raise the targeted one million dollars in less than two months. When will be the auction closed and when will you send the money? All ten auctions will be automatically closed on the 17th of December 2022 at 11am PT time. The raised money will be sent within 24 hours after the auctions has ended. What if we don´t raise the targeted amount? If we don´t raise the amount, we will send all proceeds we accumulated over the two month period. Why did we choose the date "17th of December"? Everyone deserves to have a peaceful and happy Christmas. We want to help them get what they deserve. At what price did the auctions start at? All auctions started between 1 - 1.5ETH on the 17th of October 2022. The price was set based on their rarity. You can view all of these Baby Apes and their rarities in the Wall of Heroes section down below.


    Buy one. Help children. Show the world.

    Hero 1


    Special items: Red t-shirt + hero hat

    Hero 2


    Special items: Black t-shirt + hero hat

    Hero 3


    Special items: Black t-shirt + silver necklace

    Hero 4


    Special items: Black t-shirt + golden necklace

    Hero 5


    Special items: Black t-shirt + golden necklace

    Hero 6


    Special items: Black t-shirt + red halo

    Hero 7


    Special items: Black t-shirt + red halo

    Hero 8


    Special items: Black t-shirt + red halo

    Hero 9


    Special items: Black t-shirt + red halo

    Hero 10


    Special items: Black t-shirt + red halo